Miss Kpop's Top Ten Songs of November 2020! (2024)

November was full of greatness. It was so hard to pick a top 10 this month. Plus my list got destroyed by the three releases on November 30, which all made it into my top 10. Without those songs, my 3 honorable mentions would be in my top ten! I want to shout out LOONA's "Star" as it would be in here if it wasn't all in English, but that song is a straight bop please stream it. Also shoutout to Taemin, STAYC, BAE173, AKMU, LUCY, WOODZ, and Dahye for all their releases this month too which I seriously enjoyed. 2020 is almost over. Blog posts you can expect next month include my top 10 December picks, Top 100 songs of 2020, and the top 10 artists with the most music show wins of 2020!

Honorable Mentions

13. BTS - Life Goes On
12. BOL4 - Red Lipstick
11. JAMIE (ft. Jay Park) - Apollo 11

10. aespa - Black Mamba

It's surprising this is in 10th because I have no complaints about this. It's not my favorite song ever, but it's incredibly good for a rookie group. This is probably due to them being in the Big 3 (4?) and also from SM, but this is so unique from all the other debuts this year. There is one above this on this months list, but this is the highest female debut this month and probably this year. I love the dance, the visuals, the concept. I really love the girls vocals and think they're really unique and I'm exciting to hear them on other tracks. As a sone, I'm very proud of Girls' Generation's great-grandbaby group. And no, I haven't picked a bias yet but I'm leaning towards Karina.

9. GOT7 - Breath & Last Piece

I know a lot of fans are mad about this comeback. Not because it's bad, but because JYP's promotion of this comeback has been literal trash. No teasers??? I don't know, but I surely did not know GOT7 was coming back. I've been a fan of GOT7 since debut and don't think I've ever disliked a comeback. They come out with bops after bops. My favorite GOT7 songs are slower/sad (kind of music taste in general). But these music videos are just so fun and they all look so good. Also don't try to tell me this isn't BamBam's era cause you'll be wrong.

8. EXO's Kai - Mmmh

One complaint: for the love of God please take that cloth off of your head!!! Besides that, thank you SM for giving my EXO bias his solo debut. (After Tao and Kris left EXO this is what I was left with, jk). Also this song is sexy af. I think I did enjoy Taemin's MV for "Idea" over this BUT the song is MUCH better. Bestie things. Not a fan of mullets either, but I can let that slide for how good Kai looks here. Mmmh....

7. L​ØREN - Empty Trash

Upon first listen, this wasn't my cup of tea. Upon revisiting it a few weeks later I appreciated it way more. This song sounds like Ashton Irwin's album he just put out which I've been listening to a lot. I love how different this is from other Korean artists. I hope he can put out more music and continue to make good quality music. Also please The Black Label, put this sh*t on Spotify!!

6. TXT - We Lost The Summer

Similar to Empty Trash, this song wasn't my jam upon first listen. I definitely like it more than Blue Hour now though. I love the music video and the lyrics and telling the story of quarantine life and the reality of everyone's lives this year. Also from someone who went through a very intense break up from March into quarantine this song really spoke to me. TXT keeps me on my toes and happy this year.

5. ENHYPEN - Given-Taken

I know that Big Hit is different, but usually companies do not debut groups so close to each other the way TXT and ENHYPEN are. I was expecting to like this debut, but this is just so ridiculously good. This song is the best debut song to come out of Big Hit. I love how different of a concept they have from TXT and BTS. They really all stand on their own and hold their own ground. Very excited how big these boys can get and what other masterpieces they can put out in the future.

4. HOTSHOT's Sungwoon - Forbidden Island

I've switched this song and the number 3 song back and forth many times. Ultimately, I jammed to number 3 more this month. BUT, this song is still a bop. This songs is right up my alley so no one should really be surprised that I love it this much

3. Park Jihoon - Gotcha

Blasting this song in the shower, while I drive, just at all times. This song makes me DANCE! Man this song deserves so much more than it's getting. I'm absolute OBSESSED. I wasn't even really into kpop when Wanna One was huge so don't blame it on that!!

2. CL - +5 Star+

Y'all don't know, but I did enter a new relationship last month which really has been very good on my mental health and a blessing in my life. This song is a great representation of how I'm feeling lately. I love seeing CL so happy (and wish this was the lead single over "Hwa"). This song and MV is so pure. I just love this.

1. GFRIEND - Mago

My first words after watching this: "You're kidding."
Literally I love GFRIEND SO much, I've seen them live. It's magical. But for real, I was not expecting this. This is like if Girls' Generation's "Hoot" and "All Night" MVs had a baby. I'm in love for real, this is so good. I have nothing bad to say.

Miss Kpop's Top Ten Songs of November 2020! (2024)


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